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Catching Up

You never realize how demanding it is to keep a blog going until you have one of your own. The last four months have been crazy plus exciting to say the least; settling into Providenciales, welcoming another year of life, answering questions on what exactly I'm doing for a living and planning for my next big adventure all while doing my best to not be inundated by the many different ideas of what it means to be a successful photographer today.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I traveled to Alabama to photograph some dear friends’ wedding. I also used that trip to catch up with an old client looking to get some portraits stylish enough to feign his coolness ( lol, sorry Odell). ‘Twas a pleasure working with @ArtbyOdell again. Great cloud coverage and rain in the forecast allowed us to meet up just before noon and still create a set of soft images with a chill vibe that I'm really digging. 

As far as catching up goes, the idea that a photographer should find his or her niche and stick to it has been on my mind a lot lately. It doesn't sound like a bad idea at first. After all, practice does indeed move you closer and closer to "perfect". But I’ve stumbled upon a few talks and articles that portray it as the ultimate sin to be a “wildlife photographer” willing to photograph his neighbors' weddings or a "landscape photographer" sharing portraits of his/her own. It’s those talks that leave me, an aspiring documentarian with particular interests in communication and culture, feeling incredibly guilty about sharing the images of palm trees, sunsets and turquoise waters that leave my Instagram followers with a fiery sense of wanderlust. “I don’t want them thinking I’m just another ‘traveler.’” I often lament. But what does one shoot other that what's there to shoot? And why limit one's self when there’s room for growth and expansion? Of course, these are all timeless viewpoints that continue to be argued for and against. So just like them, the struggle to not be inundated lives on. 

These are my favorites from Odell’s shoot: