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Clueless in Ciudad Colonial

On an early Saturday morning in Santo Domingo, I found myself clueless. I wasn’t in street photographer’s heaven. The last two weeks had slipped away with little planning. Mexico had been on my mind, but the distance and cost were too much for a birthday weekend getaway. The same for Antigua, Curaçao, Guatemala, and the many more islands on my Caribbean Destinations bucket list. But I had to decide on something. Quick!

 Two young men ride a red horse carriage down the empty streets of Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
 Details of a colorful blue door in Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic
 Vibrant blue walls and pink flowers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A few years ago when solo traveling was still only my dream, I promised I wouldn’t be another silly traveller going home from vacation more tired than I left. But that, as I’ve found out, needs proper planning. And the catch-22 there is that planning a fun vacation can be ironically stressful. If you have peculiarities like I do, and little patience too, that simply doesn’t help. So on an evening when I was finally tired of my own meticulous planning attempts, I frustratedly decided to not plan at all.

First came the accommodation, then the flight, and then clueless me in the middle of Ciudad Colonial, Santo Doming, wondering “What the hell do I shoot to fit my portfolio?” No old, friendly faces , no buzzing produce markets, no majestic landscapes lit by the setting sun. Literally “What the heck do I take pictures of?” Thankfully, determination kicked in. I made up my mind then and there that even if it was a collection of Santo Domingo’s Textures I left with, I was going to leave the Dominican Republic with great pictures to show.

 Biker's red toy stands out against peeling textures of old wall in Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic
 Old walls, peeling paint, and lots of textures in the Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic

So between these layered textures, the perfectly timed selfies, and the stunning night exposures I’m debuting in an upcoming blog, I’m incredibly excited to share my Dominican Republic experience with you in pictures. Leave all your love and questions in the comments below or over on Instagram. And lastly, know that I appreciate you for reading this far!!

 Pink and green asthetics in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
 Nuns leaving morning church service in Colonial Zone, Dominican Republic
 Woman sweeping the streets of Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
 Man candidly carrys the day's newspaper on his head
 Woman pauses for prayer at church in Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo
012 zona colonial santo domingo.jpg
 Man passes by riding a red scooter down the streets of Zona Colonial, Dominica Republic.

*Ciudad Colonial, also know as Zona Colonial, or La Zona by most locals, is the historic center of the Dominican Republic’s capital city, Santo Domingo. Though not immensely popular, this little town is impressively rich in historic value. It carries the honor of being home to “the first” in many categories for the New World — such as the first university and first hospital. It was once the home to Christopher Columbus’ family, and is listed today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.